From our perspective


Sandra Čihorić
Study program of Russian and Serbian language and literature

‘I like the Russian and Serbian Language and Literature study programme especially because it offers plenty of opportunities to go on exchanges and trips to Russia. That is how it was with me – after my first year at university, I spent a month in Belgorod, which was an unforgettable experience, and which I intend to repeat soon. Studying at the Faculty of Philology in Banja Luka has made it possible for me to learn new things, make new acquaintances, and enhance my knowledge and skills during my study trips to Russia.’



Milijana Janjić
Study program of German language and literature

‘The German Language and Literature study programme is well organised, which makes studying considerably easy. The professors and teaching assistants are approachable and committed to their work. They are always available for their students and ready to help. It is important to mention that the practicum is well structured, which helps students to gain the knowledge and experience relevant for their future work as teachers. By learning about translation techniques and regularly translating different kinds of texts, we receive the training needed for any prospective translation jobs.’



Marijana Vajkanović
Study program of Italian language and literature

ʻStudying at the Department of Italian Language and Literature was a highly positive experience, as it opened a great many doors for me both as a person and professionally, providing me with excellent foundations to enroll in master studies in Italy. The best parts about doing this degree would have to be the knowledgeable and dedicated faculty, who are mainly native Italian speakers, their modern teaching methods, and the numerous opportunities to develop professionally and to extend one’s education abroad.’


Gabrijela Perišić
Study program of English language and literature

ʻWhile studying, I acquired a thorough knowledge of the linguistics of the English language, as well as of the history, culture and literature of English-speaking countries. In addition, doing this study programme allowed me to extend my knowledge of general culture and develop the speaking and writing skills that I find to be of tremendous help in everyday life and work. The faculty of the Department of the English Language and Literature are very competent and professional, and they do their best to help students develop a love of philology.’



Bojana Vučen
Study program of Serbian language and literature

‘The Serbian Language and Literature degree programme helped me to discover my own identity by studying about language and literature. It helped me to build an awareness of the necessity to preserve the Serbian language. The way to achieve this is by continuously acquiring the knowledge of its history, grammar and orthography. On the other hand, as someone who loves literature, these studies opened new vistas for me and allowed fresh insights into the rich history of Serbian literature, equipping me with the tools to further enjoy and better interpret the great works of Serbian and world literature. Over a period of four years, students have the opportunity to attend conferences, lectures and other events, to see and hear leading Serbian scholars, along with great writers and eminent cultural workers, and to demonstrate their talent for reciting poetry, acting and writing.’


Teodora Babić
Study program of French language and literature

If somebody stopped me on the street today and asked, “Which of your choices and decisions are you absolutely certain you will never regret?ˮ, I’d say it was the choosing of my future profession. Studying at the Faculty of Philology in Banja Luka has been a privilege for me, in the sense that it has made me proud of my knowledge, and allowed me to meet scores of lovely people from all around the world connected by the same passion.’


Galina Marija Vukajlović
Study program of Russian and Serbian language and literature

‘While at university, I had a chance to meet and become close with the kinds of people who share my interests. I was able to explore infinitely interesting topics and issues. To travel and meet people from different parts of Europe who deal with the language of one of the world’s greatest literatures. To work with dedicated and enthusiastic professors, and (above all) teaching assistants, who were ready to invest all their time, knowledge and energy in us, their students. All this made my four years at university an unforgettable experience. For that, I am grateful to them.’


Sandra Batez
Study program of Serbian language and literature

‘Although four years ago I wasn’t sure what college to go to, that is, whether to follow my heart’s desire, but I can now say that I made the right decision. My choice was the Serbian Language and Literature study programme, or perhaps I should say, I chose a great love of mine. Over the four years I spent studying, I came to learn another great truth – that one can only be truly happy and successful doing what one really loves.’


Nemanja Ostović
Study program of Italian language and literature

‘A huge advantage of doing the Italian Language and Literature study programme, beside the faculty, the majority of whom are professors from Italy, is the possibility of spending one or two terms at a university in Italy, thanks to scholarships provided by the Government of the Republic of Italy, or by going on an exchange under the Erasmus+ programme. My study trips to Italy helped me to improve my Italian, as well as meet people and learn about cultures from all over the world. Also, after receiving the degree, one has a chance of finding employment in a number of sectors.’


Mirjana Miljanović
Study program of German language and literature

‘In our first year at the Department of the German Language and Literature we were divided into small groups, and as a result, we quickly became very close. The atmosphere during both the lectures and discussion sessions was pleasant and we felt motivated to study. In the fourth year, we took part in the practicum held at the Faculty of Philology, where we were required to take a German course for three months, which was most useful for all prospective teachers. What I appreciate the most about this study programme, beside the knowledge I acquired, is that I discovered the need to learn and work on myself continuously, do my job responsibly, and always do my best.’


Anja Ševo
English language and literature study program

‘After graduating from secondary school, I had to choose a path to tread over the next four years, and because of my great love of literature and the English language, I chose one less travelled. Without ever needing a passport or visa, I took trips freely and was always greeted with smiles and help. I had never thought I would find such a repository of knowledge, warmth and high spirits there, or meet such poetic souls. I did my best to absorb their profound words, as I knew that knowledge would help me a lot later on. Just as it did, and as it continues to do so.’