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Željka Babić | Professor of English language/linguistics

Education: Ph.D. 2008, Banja Luka; M.Phil. 2004, Banja Luka; B.A. 1999, Banja Luka.

Phone: + 387 51 34 01 33
Office hours: Monday 13.00 – 14.00
Office No. 7

Interests: syntax, applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, translation studies.


Selected works:


Exploring ESP Syllabi: Some Implications For Further Pedagogical Considerations (2016); Translation as Empowerment of Cultural Mediation: Revaluing Relevance, Equivalence and Discourse Shift (2016); Trees, Nodes and Constituency Tests: Do We Really Need to Teach Theoretical Syntax at Foreign Language Departments (2016); The Cultural and Historical Issues at Foreign Language Departments: A Series of Small Serendipities (2015); Echoing the Topicalisation Transfer. (2015); Linguistic Cyberpunking (2015); The Full Circle in Practice: From Alternative Assessment to Differentiated Instruction (2014); Jezička interferencija i usvajanje sintaksičko-semantičkih struktura (2013).


Class list: