Tatjana Bijelić | Professor of Anglo-American Literature

Education: B.A. 1997 Priština
M.A. 2001 Oxford (UK), Ph.D. 2007 Banja Luka

Phone: + 387 51 34 01 33
Office hours: Tuesday 11.30-12.30
Office No. 7

Interests: Modern and contemporary American, British, and Canadian literature, women’s literature, transnational and post-Yugoslav literature, creative writing.

Selected works:

Matrilinijske relacije u prozi Margaret Atvud (2012), Transnational Othering of (M)Other: Disrupted Motherlines in Post-Yugoslav Prose by Women(2014), “Maskiranje kao Transformatrica: nadilaženje binarnosti u poeziji Patience Agbabi” (2015), “There was no background music”: Home and Adjustment in Nadja Tesich’s To Die in Chicago” (2015), “Sisters and Solid Foundations: Reinventing Alternative Spaces in Courtney Angela Brkic’s The First Rule of Swimming” (2016),’It’s a Shame to be without an Attitude.’ A View on Cutting-edge Poetry from Bosnia (2012), “Reclaiming Lost Stars: Contemporary Female Voices from Bosnia” (2012), “Authenticity and Otherness in Contemporary Poetry” (2011).

Class list: