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Philologist is an open access, peer-reviewed journal promoting contemporary theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches from the fields of language, literature, and culture, with an international editorial board. Searching for ways of gaining new critical and theoretical knowledge, the journal’s editorial board aims at encouraging scholars to pursue the study of their national literature, language and culture, as well as foreign ones. Based upon the concept of interdisciplinary research, contemporary topics and approaches, Philologist should provide the reader with an insight into a wider intellectual context. With the intention of being comprehensive, the editorial board strives to support both synchronic and diachronic approaches to certain scholarly issues. The idea of a wider intellectual context represents the link among articles of various nature appearing in the journal.

The journal has been registered in the list of the International Committee of Slavists, ERIH PLUS, CEEOL, ANVUR, MIAR and DOAJ.

More detailed information about the Philologist and all previous issues of the journal are available at filolog.rs.ba.

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