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With international collaboration high on its priority list, the Faculty of Philology has entered into partnership with a number of European faculties, universities and cultural institutions, offering a framework for research and student and faculty exchanges. We place a strong emphasis on study visits, workshops, summer schools and seminars in the country and abroad.

The Faculty of Philology signed its first international collaboration agreement with the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) in 2006, which has enabled us to organise exchanges of faculty, foreign language instructors and students.

In 2012, we signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Literature and Languages, University of Poitiers (France), which has enabled annual faculty and student exchanges. Owing to the Erasmus+ programme, French Language and Literature undergraduates have the opportunity to spend a term in Poitiers, and our faculty can visit this university for professional and academic development. The collaboration agreement signed by the University of Tours, formally the François Rabelais University (Department of Literature and Languages, Cultural and Discursive Interactions Research Unit [Е.А.6297]), and the University of Banja Luka (Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Philology Research Centre) in 2015 provides a framework for faculty and student exchange visits.

Under the Erasmus+ scheme, the Faculty of Philology has a collaboration agreement with the University of Opole (Poland) from 2014-2021, during which our teaching staff can travel to this Polish university for academic development. It is now in the implementation phase, with our first ever student staying in Opole, where she will spend the summer term of 2018-2019.

In 2014, the Faculty of Philology, University of Banja Luka, signed an academic and research exchange agreement with the School of Advanced Study and Institute of English Studies, University of London, which enables faculty exchanges and participation in conferences between the two institutions, among other things.

The Faculty of Philology has international partnership agreements with several Italian universities. The first such agreement was signed between the University of Banja Luka and Palermo University in 2013, enabling faculty exchanges. The agreement of collaboration and exchange with the Department of Comparative, Linguistic and Cultural Studies, Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice, concluded in 2015, providing a framework for the two universities to reach a student and faculty exchange agreement. In 2017, we established collaboration with the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures, University of Turin, within the framework of which our faculty and students have also gone on exchanges under the Erasmus+ scheme. In 2017, the Faculty of Philology signed an agreement of collaboration with the Faculty of Philology of the Sour Orsola Benincasa University of Naples, which also made possible faculty exchange visits, followed by the 2018 collaboration agreement with the D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara.

The collaboration agreement between the University of Wrocław (Poland) and the Faculty of Philology in Banja Luka concluded in 2017. It is implemented through an exchange of information, materials and scientific publications concerning the fields of common interest for both institutions.

In 2017, we signed a three-year agreement of academic exchange and collaboration with the University of Gdańsk (Poland).

In 2018, the Faculty of Philology entered into international partnership agreements with several higher education institutions: Faculty of Letters, History and Theology, West University of Timişoara (Romania); Faculty of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia); Faculty of Philology, Ivan Franko National University of L’viv (Ukraine); and Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Ghent University (Belgium).

We are proud of the agreements that have made official the active collaboration the Banja Luka Faculty of Philology has with a great many institutions and universities in the Russian Federation. The agreement of collaboration between the University of Banja Luka and the Voronezh State University concluded in May 2016 has enabled student exchanges. The partnership agreement signed in 2016 between the Federal State Budget Higher Educational Institution of Higher Education Belgorod State Technological University named after V. G. Shukhov and the University of Banja Luka brought us a Russian language instructor and made it possible for Russian students to spend a period of time at the Faculty of Philology on an exchange. In 2016, the Faculty of Philology, University of Banja Luka, also signed an agreement of collaboration with the Institute for Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, offering a framework for two Russian scholars to visit Banja Luka to study the intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Srpska. The same year, the University of Banja Luka entered into an agreement with the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, followed by another one with the N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, which was signed in 2018. The Faculty of Philology also has a collaboration agreement with the N. A. Dobrolyubova State Linguistic University of Nizhny Novgorod.

Along with the agreements listed above, the Banja Luka Faculty of Philology has agreements with regional cultural and higher education institutions. In 2011, we entered into a collaboration agreement with the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, followed by an agreement with the Niš Faculty of Philosophy, signed in 2012. The agreement of academic cooperation with the Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac was signed in 2014. We take pride in the collaboration we have with such major cultural institutions as the Institute for Literature and Arts in Belgrade (2012), the Institute for Balkan Studies SASA in Belgrade (2012), and the Svetozar Marković University Library in Belgrade (2016).

Currently, the Faculty of Philology, University of Banja Luka, is working toward agreements that will allow it to collaborate with many more universities in the region and across Europe, which will considerably raise the possibility of study visits and exchanges abroad.