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IDCourse titleSemesterECTSL+T
Semester 1
1Contemporary Linguistic Theories1st52+2
2Contemporary Literary Theories1st52+2
3Academic Writing1st52+2
4,5,6.Electives (students are required to choose 3 electives):1st52+2
- Authentic Materials in English Language Teaching1st
- British Drama of the 17th and 18th Centuries1st
- Psycholinguistics1st
- Тranslation Theory1st
- Contemporary American Poetry and Poetics1st
- Critical Cultural Studies1st
- Contemporary British Poetry and Poetics 1st
- Cognitive Linguistics1st
- Functional Linguistics1st
Semester 2
7Elective in the student’s chosen research area2nd104+0
8Academic research2nd5
9Master thesis2nd15