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IDCourse titleSemesterECTSL+T
Semester 1
1Old Church Slavonic 11st52+2
2Theory of Literature 11st52+2
3Historical Overview of Serbian Phonetics1st42+1
4Russian 11st42+2
5Mediaeval Serbian Literature 11st52+2
6Serbian Folk Literature 11st43+1
7Introduction to General Linguistics1st32+0
Semester 2
8Old Church Slavonic 22nd42+1
9Mediaeval Serbian Literature 22nd42+2
10Theory of Literature 22nd42+2
11Serbian Folk Literature 22nd53+1
12Historical Overview of Serbian Morphology 12nd42+1
13Russian 22nd42+0
14General Literature 12nd53+2
Semester 3
15Serbian Renaissance Literature 3rd42+2
16Phonology and Accentology of Literary Serbian3rd42+2
17Historical Overview of Serbian Morphology 23rd52+2
18Serbian Literature from Baroque to Classicism3rd42+2
19General Literature 23rd53+2
20Foreign Language:3rd42+0
- English
- German
- Italian
- French
- Czech
21Semester 3 elective (*list of all electives at bottom of page)3rd32+0
Semester 4
22History of Literary Serbian 4th42+1
23Serbian Phonetics 4th52+2
24History of Serbian Culture4th42+1
25Baroque in Serbian Literature4th42+2
26Pre-Romanticism in Serbian Literature4th52+2
27General Literature 34th53+2
28Semester 4 elective course (*list of all electives at bottom of page)4th32+0
Semester 5
29Serbian Dialectology 15th42+1
30Serbian Lexicology5th42+1
31Literature of Serbian Romanticism5th63+2
32Serbian Morphology5th53+2
33Comparative Grammar of Slavic Languages 15th42+1
35Semester 5 elective (*list of all electives at bottom of page)5th32+0
Semester 6
36Literature of Serbian Realism 6th63+2
37Word Formation in Serbian6th42+2
38Serbian Dialectology 26th52+2
39Comparative Grammar of Slavic Languages 26th53+1
40Serbian Language and Literature Teaching Methods 16th73+3
41Semester 6 elective (*list of all electives at bottom of page)6th32+0
Semester 7
42Serbian Syntax 17th52+2
43Serbian Stylistics 17th42+1
44Comparative Study of South Slavic Literatures 1 7th43+0
45Serbian Language and Literature Teaching Methods 27th71+5
4620th-Century Serbian Prose7th74+3
47Semester 7 elective (*list of all electives at bottom of page)7th32+0
Semester 8

49Serbian Stylistics 28th32+0
50Serbian Syntax 28th53+2
51Comparative Study of South Slavic Literatures 28th43+1
5220th-Century Serbian Drama8th42+1
5320th-Century Serbian Poetry8th43+2
54Bachelor thesis8th62+0
- Ancient Mythology and Literature
- Biblical Motifs in Serbian Literature
- Dubrovnik Baroque Drama
- Pastoral Drama in 16th-Century Ragusa
- History of the Alphabet, Books and Libraries
- History of Serbian Translation
- History of Serbian Literature
- Language of Serbian Literary Realism
- Literary Morphology
- Literary Thematology
- Children’s Literature
- Text Linguistics
- On the Periphery of the Middle Ages
- Narratology
- Popular Ballads
- Onomastics
- Orthography
- Renaissance Humanist Poetics
- Postmodern Literature
- Mediaeval Literature in Translation
- Representations of Mediaeval Literary Characters in Visual Arts
- 20th-Century Serbian Literary Criticism and Essayism
-19th-Century Serbian Literature in Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Serbian Literature and the History of Serbian Philology
- Serbian Folklore
Serbian-Slovenian Linguistic Parallels
- Old Church Slavonic Lexicon (Serbian Recension)
- Dramatic Stylistics
- Theory of the Novel
- Fieldwork in Oral Literature
- Introduction to General and Comparative Literature
- Introduction to the Theory of Prose
- Philological Analysis of Old Church Slavonic Texts (Serbian Recension)