IDCourse titleSemesterECTSL+T
Semester 1
1Italian 11st112+9
2Italian Phonology1st32+0
3Italian Culture 11st52+2
4Serbian 11st32+0
5Introduction to Literary Theory1st42+1
6Latin 11st41+2
Semester 2
7Italian 22nd112+9
8Italian Culture 22nd52+2
9Serbian 22nd32+0
10Italian Morphology2nd42+1
11Introduction to General Linguistics2nd32+0
12Latin 22nd41+2
Semester 3
13Italian 33rd102+8
14Introduction to Italian Literature3rd52+2
15Latin 33rd31+2
16Italian Syntax3rd32+0
17Second Romance Language 1 (French)3rd32+0
18Semester 3, elective 1:3rd32+0
- Relationship between Italian Culture and Italian Music
- Relationship between Italian Culture and Italian Art
- Relationship between Italian Culture and Italian Cinematography
19Semester 3, elective 2:3rd32+0
- History of Serbian-Italian Cultural Relations
- General Literature
- Italian Literary Geography
Semester 4
20Italian 44th102+8
2114th-Century Italian Literature4th52+2
22Latin 44th32+1
23Italian Semantics and Lexicology4th32+0
24Second Romance Language 2 (French)4th32+0
25Semester 4, elective 1:4th32+0
- Forms and Genres in Italian Literature
- Relationship between Italian Culture and Italian Theatre
- Renaissance Literature in Italy and Abroad
26Semester 4, elective 2:4th32+0
- Italian Literature Metrics and Stylistics
- Italian Travel Literature
- Relationship between Italian Culture and Italian History
Semester 5
27Italian 55th92+7
2815th- and 16th-Century Italian Literature5th52+2
29History of the Italian Language 15th52+2
31Romance Philology5th42+1
32Semester 5 elective:5th42+1
- History of Italian Literary Criticism
- Italian Written Text Methods
- Italian Text Linguistics
Semester 6
33Italian 66th92+7
3415th- and 16th-Century Italian Literature6th52+2
35History of the Italian Language 26th52+2
36Italian Language Teaching Methods 16th42+1
38Semester 6 elective:6th42+1
- History of the Italian Novel
- Italian Written Text Methods
- Italian Linguistics
Semester 7
39Italian 77th92+7
40Translation Theory7th42+1
4119th-Century Italian Literature7th52+2
42Academic Writing in Italian7th32+0
43Italian Language Teaching Methods 27th52+2
44Semester 7 elective:7th42+1
- Sociology of Italian Literature
- Italian Philology
- Women’s Literature in Italian
- Italian Sociolinguistics
Semester 8
45Italian 88th92+7
4620th-Century Italian Literature8th52+2
47Italian Literature Teaching Methods8th32+0
48Italian Language Teaching Methods 38th52+2
49Bachelor thesis8th54+0
50Semester 8 elective:8th32+0
- Translation Methods
- Dante’s Philology
- Trends in Italian Contemporary Literature
- Italian Dialectology