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IDCourse titleSemesterECTSL+T
Semester 1
1Russian Phonetics and Phonology1st52+3
2Old Church Slavonic 11st42+2
3History of the Serbian Language 11st42+1
4Contemporary Russian 11st50+3
5Introduction to Theory of Literature1st42+1
6Mediaeval Serbian Literature1st42+1
7Serbian Phonology and Accentology1st42+2
Semester 2
8Russian Morphology 12nd63+4
9Old Church Slavonic 22nd42+1
10History of the Serbian Language 22nd42+1
11Serbian Phonetics2nd42+1
12Contemporary Russian 22nd40+3
13Serbian Literature of the Middle Period (18th – 1st Half of 19th Century)2nd42+1
14Old and 18th-Century Russian Literature2nd42+1
Semester 3
15Russian Morphology 23rd62+2
16Serbian Morphology3rd52+2
17Contemporary Russian 33rd40+5
1819th-Century Russian Literature 13rd42+2
1919th-Century Serbian Literature 1
21History of Serbian Culture3rd32+0
Semester 4
22Word Formation in Russian4th52+1
23Word Formation in Serbian4th52+1
24Contemporary Russian 4
2519th-Century Russian Literature 2
2619th-Century Serbian Literature 24th52+2
27Serbian Folk Literature4th42+1
- 20th-Century Serbian Literary Criticism and Essayism
- Pastoral Drama in 16th-Century Dubrovnik
Semester 5
29Russian Lexicology5th42+1
30Serbian Lexicology5th42+0
31Comparative Grammar of Slavic Languages5th53+1
32Contemporary Russian 5
3319th-Century Russian Literature 35th53+2
3420th-Century Serbian Literature 15th52+2
Semester 6
36Russian Syntax 16th52+2
37Serbian Syntax 16th52+2
38Contemporary Russian 66th40+5
3920th-Century Russian Literature 16th52+2
4020th-Century Serbian Literature 26th52+2
- Serbian-Slovenian Linguistic Parallels
- Political and Cultural History of Russian People
Semester 7
43Russian Syntax 27th52+2
44Serbian Syntax 27th42+1
45History of the Russian Language 17th42+1
46Contemporary Russian 77th40+5
4720th-Century Russian Literature 27th52+2
48History of Russian Culture7th42+0
49Russian Language and Literature Teaching Methods 17th42+2
Semester 8
50History of the Russian Language 28th42+1
51Foreign Language8th32+1
52Contemporary Russian 8
53Russian Language and Literature Teaching Methods 28th41+3
54Serbian Language and Literature Teaching Methods8th73+5
55Bachelor thesis8th82+0