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Alumni is a Latin term used to denote former students of a university, i.e. an association of former students, a tradition which goes back a hundred years at some universities. Alumni clubs are voluntary associations of graduates who wish to stay in touch with the organisation that provided them with a foundation to build their careers on. Alumni associations ground their activities on the idea of creating and reinforcing a sense of belonging and strengthening ties between former bachelor, master and doctoral students, as well as the former and current faculty, with the aim of communication and collaboration, and also of long-lasting and organised contact with the alma mater. These ties are established and reinforced through professional development and lifelong learning programmes, organisation of professional and academic conferences, publication of books and studies, promotion of study programmes and the informing of prospective students, anniversary celebrations, get-togethers, and the exchange of information and experience. A strong sense of belonging, interconnectedness, respect and loyalty is the precondition for an alumni club to operate successfully. Social interaction, career enhancement and active participation in the development of a community are the common interests of an alumni association and its alma mater. Alumni’s professional success and achievements are followed with interest and pride, and promoted as values their alma mater is partly credited with. On the other hand, the name of the university or faculty where an individual with a successful career received their education features in her or his biography, and is also a guarantee of professional competence and capability.

The Faculty of Philology Alumni Club, University of Banja Luka, comprises of its former bachelor, master and doctoral students. You can download the Alumni Club Membership Registration Form here. Please send the filled-in form to dragan.petrovic@flf.unibl.org. We will be delighted to have you as member of the Faculty of Philology Alumni Club!

The University Alumni Centre kindly asks you to register online by clicking on this link.